Sunday, July 02, 2006

Allow dubbed movies in karnataka.

Currently there is need of dubbed movies in karnataka. This may make kannada industry to compete, and healthy competation makes it to grow. But in the long run, it helps the industry and the language. Movies are big support for language now a days. Please allow dubbing in karnataka, we will get atleast good songs from other language talents. If you see in google trends and compare kannada with other south indian languages, kannada stands at last. Please prevent attack of other languages in the name of movies. Kannada film industry has imposed heavy burden upon langauge to prevent its competators. Any language can grow only by including the knowledge of the world in it. Come out of the misconception that only other language people in karnataka watch non-kannada movies.kannadagas themselves like watching other langauage films and its natural flow of human mind to gain knowledge along with good entertainment. Please dont force kannadigas to watch movies in other language. We want to know the world through the window of kannada. Please allow for it. All kannadigas need to understand this and allow only dubbed movies from other language in karnataka. My dear all kannadigas our politicians, kannada industry people, and all those who are at higher authorities need to understand this, Lets first make kannada to stand up, then our industry as well will standup.Jaya kannadambe.

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