Thursday, June 29, 2006

Need for 24 hours Kannada radio

Is it so expensive to set up private radio FM in bangalore? In this kind of situation where outside national(pseudo-national) and international(english-only)entertaining companies that have established their radio channels, have totally neglected local culture of karnataka. These companies are so deaf to local voices that, even after getting tons of messages and emails they dont seem to be listening. And now with lots of pressure they have started playing few kannada songs here and there. Is this needed for us if we get a 24 hours kannada FM. They think that being national or international means neglecting local people and imposing american pop songs and hindi songs upon them. The other south indians here in bangalore are not ready to support kannada act here, because they think its not related to them. Anybody staying in bangalore should think that, this is thier duty as well. All in bangalore should unite under kannada, otherwise the gaps between people will remain for ever. All people in bangalore should come under one roof, roof of kannada. This does not mean that they should forget their language and start speaking only in kannada. They should support kannada as mass language. So my dear all bangaloreans, no matter what language you speak at home, out of home, you be a kannadiga. So I hope soon a private 24 hours kannada FM will come up and win hearts of bangalore, and unite bangaloreans.

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