Monday, June 26, 2006

Why sandalwood is being neglected?

The basic fault is in not allowing dubbing in karnataka. The reason for this as they thought that, by allowing dubbing, kannadigas will start watching dubbed movies, and the regionally made movies would be neglected. Infact this was not right way of thinking because,

1) They imposed upon kannadigas to watch movies only made in sandalwood.
2)They gave freedom for non kannadigas to watch movies in their own language.

Thease two reasons have affected kannada language and its culture. If they would have allowed dubbed movies not allowing original movies eventually kannada industry could have stood up, as dubbed movies have different lip movement, that wont seem natural.

Due to first reason kannadigas felt(and its obvious too) that its not worth it to neglect other language movies as it would confine our knowledge.
And allowing original movies to be released served non-kannadigas to stay untouched by kannada vocabulary forever!

Dubbed movies will serve two purposes.

1)kannadigas wont have to see only sandalwood made moives in kannada.
2)non-kannadigas will have to watch their language movies in kannada.

So soon a decision should be made about this, and allow only dubbed movies in karnataka. And i feel this is the right time to do this.


Sandeepa said...

I'm L board in many fields.

Can you tell me what's this
sandalwood you are talking about?


admin said...

kannada film industry, why is it limited, i mean it is not taken into consideration in many things that are related to movies.